Some Amazing Horror Games For PC


Are you someone who is very interested in horror games for your PC?

Are you interested in being scared witless?

I highly suggest you go ahead and turn off the lights, strap on your gaming headphones and check out these amazing horror games that are available for PC.

Horror games have been traditional when it comes to scaring people who play the games. Scary games leave you feeling really vulnerable, rather than making you empowered. They are amazing when giving you a spectacular gaming experience that will haunt you for a long time after you play. Well, of course, there is a lot more to horror games than just jump scares and gore.

Horror Games

These games will also make you think, and it will make you use different tactics to raise your heartbeat and also get your palm sweating. This list will not get out of debt, because these games are evergreen.
Let me get started on the list of some of the best horror games for PC.

1. Phasmophobia is the first one that I would like to talk about. It has become really popular, and it has grown beyond a cult following. It does not show any signs of slowing down. I’m sure you are wondering what makes it so good. It is primarily a horror game but, you could also look at it as a co-op detective game where you explore a haunted location in an effort to deduce what kind of ghost it’s poking the premises and you should report back.


It requires a decent amount of teamwork, your best detective skills, and you should have some steady nerves because you will have to navigate in the dark and some quiet and tight corridors. You should make use of types of equipment like a crucifix, smudge sticks, ouija boards, spirit boxes and more. You will have to team up with people and investigate the haunting, and you should complete some tasks as well.

2. The next one on this list is Resident Evil 2 Remake. A character in the game who is also a police officer would be having a very difficult first day of work. He needs a hold of civilisations that have been turned into zombies because of the endemic disease.

Evil 2

It is a very survival focus game, and you will have a fantastic time playing it. It has become a very successful game because of its ode to gore. It is definitely hard to master the game, but you will have a fantastic time indeed.

3. The third one is called the Blair Witch. Horror games are really hard to sell when you are not at all into them, but the idea of setting yourself up to an evening of tension and jump scares is a little appealing, because it fuels adrenaline. This is exactly what this game will do for you.

Blair Witch

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