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The Sleeping Gods

You and up to three friends can become Captain Sofi Odessa with her crew. They are lost in 1929 on their steamship, The.Manticore. To survive on exotic islands and meet new people, you must work together You can create new characters by seeking out the totems and gods that will help you. Return home.

The Sleeping Gods campaign game. Each session can last up to You can go on as long as you like. You can mark your intention to take a rest when you’re ready. You can track your progress on a journey log sheet so it is easy to return to the exact same. Place in the game next time you play. You can play alone or with another player. Throughout your campaign, you can make friends. It is easy to swap players between campaigns. At will. You aim to locate at least 14 totems throughout the area. The world. You’ll finish this journey in a few days, just like reading a book. Hours at a stretch, exploring new lands, stories and challenges. The way.

Sleeping Gods can be played as an atlas game. Each page in the atlas This is only a fraction of the world that you can explore. You can explore the rest of the world by visiting Reach the edge of the page, and you want the same direction. You can simply turn to a different page and continue sailing.

Sleeping Gods – A storybook game. Each location has its own unique charm. Wild adventure, hidden treasures and vibrant characters. You have many options The plot and characters of the game can be affected. Your chances of returning home are high

You are now a part of a vast universe. Your journey starts now.

What is Kickstarter?

Kickstarter campaigns turn ideas into reality. Kickstarter is where creators can share their ideas. New visions for creative work in communities Together, to finance them.

TLC, Critical Role and The Smithsonian Institution were some of the creators who already have huge fan bases. Many of these projects were small-scale, such as a limited number of silent meditation vinyls. Others have been more up-and-coming like early versions of Issa’s Insecure or Phoebe Waller Bridge’s Fleabag.

Creators control the way that work is put together, no matter what. 100-page grant applications, no donors demanding you modify your Investors are not allowed to make last-minute changes. Backers can chip in They also help spread the word and fundraise. independent works.

Our community.

To tap into our community, activate yours. The majority Successful projects create a snowball effect that wins over friends and brings them together. Early supporters who share the idea with others and signal They support the larger Kickstarter community. The snowball is possible It’s quite large. More than 20 million people from all continents have contributed to funding Kickstarter projects.

Our mission.

Our mission is to bring creative projects to fruition. We believe in the power of creativity. Art and creativity are vital to a vibrant and healthy life. Protection is essential for society and the space it creates.

We don’t want entertainment executives and art world elites to define the art world. Our culture; we are looking for creative people, even those who have never made it. Anything before–to take control of the wheel. We connect creators directly With their communities, they put power where it belongs.

We are so dedicated to our mission that we have written it into our business model. We became a Public Benefit Corporation in 2015, a non-profit organization. That prioritizes positive outcomes for society just as highly as our Shareholders To set specific goals, we updated our corporate charter and our commitments to put our values in our operations, promote art and Culture, fighting inequality and helping creative projects succeed.

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