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Remember the air umbrella kickstarter campaign?


The Air Umbrella: It is unlikely to happen.

When a gadget called Air Umbrella hit Kickstarter in October last year, It left many questions unanswered. This really worked? It would work. Spray rainwater on passers-by? Why wasn’t there a video of the actual? gizmo in action?

The China-based creators were weeks away from the Christmas holiday. The Air Umbrella was promised to be shipped to the campaign’s early backers. People began to ask different questions, such as “Who are the creators?” Why hasn’t the startup logged into Kickstarter for more than a year? Was This whole thing is a fraud.

Is this another Kickstarter failure? The project raised US$102,240 from 842 backers, so a lot of people have money at stake.

Backers were left in the dark with no updates from Air Umbrella.


Jeffrey Lovelidge, Tech Asia says “I pledged $99.” He should have been given an Air Umbrella with a charger for that amount of money Until now. He isn’t optimistic about the delivery of his gadget and feels uncomfortable. Like his money is gone. It is a fraud.

He says that the team behind it has “just fallen off the face of Earth.”

He reached out to Kickstarter after not hearing back from the startup. “I did.” He adds that you can contact Kickstarter through their usual inane procedure.”

Others who supported the Air Umbrella were also frustrated and vented their frustrations in the comments section.

One buyer wrote in the comments that he hoped the creator would die in hell. Kickstarter is a fraud.

Another commenter addressed two project creators who had not yet been credited. Since the Air, they have revealed their looks or spoken to the media. Unveiled was the umbrella. “Devon L Robinson, Chuan Wang!” There are some Explaining to do! I haven’t logged in to Kickstarter for over a year! WHAT THE HELL!

“I will only support products where their creators are actually able to show their work.” “Face, and talk to us in their campaign videos,” he said.

Contrary to most startups, which go to Indiegogo or Kickstarter with a new idea, this one is unique. gadget. The Air Umbrella team didn’t speak to the media, leaving only news Outlets large and small, English or Chinese, can simply regurgitate What’s on the Air Umbrella Project page.

“In the future pedestrians caught in a rainstorm might whip out a. Plastic stick that looks similar to a hairdryer and a massage wand.” The Atlantic’s Citylab was enthusiastic. Daily Mail reports that the sceptre-like device emits air at its top to create a “force field.” USA Today declared that “The days are gone of fragile umbrellas!”

Tech in Asia was not quite so keen. This is futile. This is tech just for the sake tech. It is not a good idea. Improves upon the product that is already in use form for just over 2,000 years,” I wrote October 2014, in my bemoaning Its claimed battery life of 30 minutes and its weight of almost a pound are both impressive. kilo. It’s “everything wrong with Kickstarter gadgets,” I remarked. They complained. It’s “a delusional piece of futurism,” I said, warming up to a Rant.

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