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Sometimes you need an adventure to relax your mind and remove the daily boredom of working during the week. On a chilly weekend, finding cool games to play could be useful for your mind. The Specrevr has your back in giving you cool games recommendations. We have experienced gamers who understand the coolest virtual reality games.

You might find pleasure in playing one of the coolest games like Spectre. This is an exceptional multiplayer game for those who are looking for some horror experience. Peninsula Gameworks developed this game in 1990.

Virtual Reality Horror Gaming with SpectreVR

The Velocity Development later published it in 1991. It was named as one of the best video games out there. This classic horror game ensures that participants get surprises and suspense, as well. is, therefore, a site that has volunteers who are dedicated to working on a revolutionary horror VR game. This game is best enjoyed in a dark room. If you can, use a 3D television. Through this game, players can assume the remote role of the Spectre or seekers.

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It’s so thrilling to feel like you are in a perilous environment and feel like you are being hunted. As a seeker, your weapon is your headlight and darkness your salvation. You will play this game with a goal draining and pursuing life from the Seekers. Spectres can as well create illusions, transport themselves, lay traps and disorient Seekers.
As a team, we are currently cantered on increasing the fear factor of games, layering detail, and other aspects of expanding the world.